CE COURSE COMPLETION DEADLINE IS 12-31-2020. Register now!

Yes, there's still enough time to get it done!

Financial Academy CE courses are online self-study seminars (flexible schedule) with no proctor and NO EXAM REQUIREMENT.

Resident Agents need 16 hours for one license line, or 24 hours for multiple lines. New agents are subject to CE if the license is issued in 2019 or earlier. For those first licensed in 2020, CE credits earned and filed this biennium may be carried over to meet 2021-2023 requirements.

Financial Academy CE courses are available NOW individually or as a 16-hour package or 24-hour package to fully meet your Life Annuity and Health or Property & Casualty requirements for the 2020 biennium.

At least three hours must qualify for Ethics credit. Financial Academy Ethics and Laws and Regulations credits are interchangeable, and any extra Ethics or Laws credits are "wildcard" credits that you can use to satisfy any credits requirement for any license type.

At least 25% of total credits must be non-insurer/non-agency sponsored, which means you can't do all your CE "in-house." All Financial Academy CE courses are 100% non-insurer/non-agency, so our courses are the kind you need to avoid problems with the 25% requirement.

Agents failing to complete and file all required course credits and pay the $22 continuance fee by 12-31-2020 will result in license termination under VA Code 38.2-1868.1. TO GET RE-LICENSED, must submit new application with criminal history report and pass the new license exam.

Financial Academy OnDemand (your own schedule) courses with No Proctor and No Exam are available now for the 2020 biennium!

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